abeg una wetin I fit do this girl

a Nigerian brother asks for your help

I was planning to publish a thread about one of my colleagues Ex-girl love advances towards me when I eventually goes through my current babe’s whatapps messages, I had to put that thread on hold.

I want to categorically say that some men are terrible but most ladies are the devil’s advocate, I’m very sorry if I sound too hash on our ladies. Most, actually are very great women.

I will make this thread very short and straight to the point.

I met this vibrant and beautiful young lady on the 26th of March this year, and on the 30th of the same March which was a good Friday to Easther, she came to my place and we both spent the weekend together.

We have been doing great together not until last week Monday when she told me she will be going to Abuja on Friday to visit one of her cousins who has been on a sick bed for a very long time due to a terrible motor accident.

On Thursday of that same week, I gave her 5 missed calls, she never called back, on Friday she was to leave for Abuja, I gave her another 6 missed calls still no reply. But what surprises me was that, she was online all these while on whatapps for the period she was away.

Then on Sunday evening, she visited me, I was like, babe what happened to your phone that you couldn’t see my missed calls and you couldn’t call back either, her excuses was that, her phone fell into water, she had to borrow a phone from her sister, she didn’t save my number on her sim and she didn’t have it off head and she was sorry for that, I smiled and never said anything.

Two days ago, she called and said her phone slides off her hand fell on the floor and the screen got cracked but still working sha.

Yesterday morning she brought the phone to me and I took it for repairs in one of my guy’s shop closed to my office. In the afternoon I was going for my launch break then the guy called me and told me, he searched for the screen and he couldn’t get it, I collected the phone, had my launch went back to the office then something somehow from somewhere pushed me to open her whatapps messages, oh my goodness wetin my eyes see my brothers and sisters my mouth no go fit talk am all.

She dates about 31 guys at the moment excluding me this is not exaggeration its the fact and 27 of them, she had slept with frequently. In the whatapps chats it was
revealed to me that she purposely went to Abuja last week to visit 5 of them, lying to them that she was coming to Abuja for her sister’s wedding and she had sex with all of them in just two days.

It was also revealed to me in the chats that she has a daughter since 2014 after she had lied to me that it was 2016 her first guy deflowered her, three guys are dating her at the complex where she works presently and these guys knows me wella, infact the story too plenty. I’m not saying I don’t double date, I told her my love for women, I’m a ladies man, she accepted to date me despite that but she lied to me that she have only one guy in her life.

Wetin dey pain me pass for the matter be say, she no Sabi how to say NO to man, any kind of men that comes her way na YES, she no get options, as in eh the class of men she moves with are not up to standard at all.

Since yesterday I’ve been thinking what to do with this lady, should I let her know that I saw all her whatapps messages or should I just keep banging her and when I’m tired with her I should just dump her sorry Àss, I don’t just know what to do with her right now, she’s a beautiful lady with hips and shapes but her life style is just too awkward.

Abeg make una tell me wetin I go fit do this girl.

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