Arab War Is Coming ! See The Country Saudi Arabia Threatened to Attack

Saudi King Salman has reportedly threatened to take military action against Qatar if Doha purchases the S-400 aerial defense system from Russia.

According to a report by French daily Le Monde on Friday, King Salman has written a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, expressing his “profound concern” over ongoing negotiations between Qatar and Russia for the sale of the advanced anti-aircraft weapon system.

The Saudi king noted that Doha’s acquisition of S-400 will jeopardize the security interests of Riyadh, urging France to intensify pressure on Qatar in an attempt to prevent the country from purchasing the air defense system.

“[In such a situation], the kingdom would be ready to take all the necessary measures to eliminate this defense system, including military action,” King Salman was quoted as saying in the letter.

The report came a day after Saudi Ambassador to Russia Rayed Krimly said negotiations between Riyadh and Moscow over the purchase of the S-400 missile system were “advancing well,” noting that the two sides were working out the technical details of the contract. Saudi Arabia had signed preliminary agreements to purchase the S-400 system from Russia during King Salman’s visit to Moscow last October.

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