Breaking News ! See The Rapper Nicki Minaj Was Caught In Bed With

Two years ago, Nicki Minaj was the biggest female rapper in the game – an international star. Now according to one of her friends – she’s just one of Future’s many JUMPOFFS.

MTO News told you guys that Nicki Minaj and rapper Future were “dating.” Well it urns out that we may have been GENEROUS in calling what she and Future were doing “dating.”

According to one of Nicki’s former friends Katt Stacks, Nicki and Future have been carrying on a “jumpoff” type relationship. Future has a bunch of “main” chick’s including his babys mother Brittany and Bow Wow’s babys moms Joie. And Nicki was just a JUMPOFF.

Look at what Katt Stacks said:

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