Russian Booty Market! See How A Slim Supermodel Transformed Herself To Kim Kardashian

Booty enhancement surgery is already a BIG deal in the United States and South America. But according to a new report, Russia has more butt enhancement surgeries than any country in the world. The land of Vladimir Putin is pushing out more bulging booties than any other country in the world.

And many are saying that he booty implant craze in Russia was kicked off by one of the country’s most famous modes – Anastaskia Kvitko, Anastasia is known locally as the “Russian Kim Kardashian”, and currently has 8.7m followers on Instagram.

She denied having any plastic surgery done. But its hard to believe when we look at her pictures. The curves on her body and an enhanced butt tell a different story.

She first on the scene two years ago, and since then the number of butt surgeries performed in Russia went through the roof.
credits; mto

See her exclusive pics after surgery below:


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